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5528 Auburn Blvd #1, Sacramento, CA 95841
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Store Hours:(well more guidelines than carved in stone)

Next Brewing Demo 7/12/14.

Need CO2 on a Saturday or Sunday. HBO has 2.5 and 5 pound fills and exchanges available during normal business hours.

Monday -Saturday 11:00-5:45, Sunday 11:00-2:45


Our Super Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit is available for $139.78+tax. It includes a 5 gallon high density pet Carboy, 6.5 Gal fermentor/racking (bottling) bucket w/ spigot an lid with hole, stoppers for fermentors, airlock, hydrometer, floating thermometer, test flask, 2 hoses, racking tube w/ offset,spring loaded bottle filler, emily wing capper, 1 gross (144) crown caps, bottle brush, carboy brush, small starter sample of sanatizer, ingrediants for 5 gallons of beer an introductary CD to home brewing.

Hop Rhizomes Gone . Order Next Year.

HBO has a pallet of AGED HOPS suitable for belgian styles and spontaneous fermentation. Aged 6 years we have US Tettnanger, US Hallertaur, Mt Hood, Cystal, Centenial, Liberty and German Select. These AGED HOP PELLETS are Priced at $10 per Pound or $88 for an 11 Pound Box. AGAIN these AGED HOPS are only suitable for Belgian Styles or Spontaneous Fermentation (SOUR BEERS).

HBO has cheese kits and cultures available. We have added a Basic Cheese making Kit($29.50) as well as a Fresh French Goat Cheese Kit ($24.50) and have The 30 Minute Mozzarella Kit, Yogotherm and Gourmet Dairy back in stock. We have fresh direct set culture 5 packs ($6.50) of Fromage Blanc, Buttermilk, Mesophilic, Thermophilic, Sour Cream, Sweet or Tangy Yogurt, kefir, Chevre and Creme Fraiche. We also have vegetable rennet, Capilase, Italase and new cheese coloring. The majority of our cheese making supplies are stored in our freezers so please ask for assistance from the staff.


Select Canned Kits just came in - Mangrove Jacks Blonde, Wheat & Brown..

Anne Roos Has some new releases! One modern POP and One Timeless Standards. Great music. Please note her 800 number is no longer being supported.

We Have Our Line of Beer and Wine T-Shirts and we can make you your own custom T-Shirt or Apron with your LOGO or Label. Just $10 setup and $15 per item. Ask JJ for more information. Even a few of JJ's Celtic Knotwork Designs.

Please try to be in the shop by 5:45 (2:45 Sun) so that we may fill your order in a timely manner. During Harvest equipment will not be checked in or out after 5:30pm M-St or 2:30pm Sun.

J J's Quick LPR / Schnapps Recipe. 2 - 750 mL Smirnoff 100 Proof Silver Vodka, 1 - 50 mL Top Shelf Flavor (Swiss Chocolate Almond is the favorite), 1 - 375 Liquid Turbinado Sugar In The Raw and 5 mL (1Tsp) Glycerine for body. Can be used for many flavors & scnhapps. We have everything but the Vodka available at HBO.


when the shop is closed

OHBO is Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, EASTER SUNDAY, July 4th, Labor Day and any day we choose to celebrate as St Brigid Day or St Arnold Day (Patron Saints of Brewers) or St. Martin of Tours Day (Patron Saint of Winemakers) or if we are doing the good work on something more interesting. Best Call.

Store Hours.

We will be opening our doors at 11am daily and locking them at 6pm (except sundays 3pm). This new schedule should allow us to better stock the store for your shopping pleasure. Thank you. (10/29/09)

Varietal Juices

WHITES - Chablis - Chadonnay - Chenin Blanc - French Colombard - J. Reisling - Mlvasia Blanca - Muscat - Palamino - Pinot Grigio - Reisling - Sauvignon Blanc - Voigner

BLUSHES - Grenache - Zinfandel Blush

REDS - Alicante, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignane, Chianti, Malbec, Merlot, Mixed Black, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Premium Burgundy, Rudy Cabernet, Sangoivese, Syrah, Zinfandel, Old Vine Zinfandel.

To enhance the depth of color for the reds we now have 4 ounce bottles of Hi Color 8000 purple for $9.95. Derived from the natural pigments of dark grapes portioned for 20 gallons. Must be kept frozen.

Hop Rhizomes.



We really appreciate your support. If we can serve you better please let us know.